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what is babymApp

babymApp is a web app that is available also on Android and Apple Store and through georeferencing, or through the free search, it shows on a map  all the places baby friendly divided into 11 categories.

babymApp is updated by its users who can enter new places, save routes, comment and add photos. babymApp is also a blog with a lot of news to enjoy the free time with the family



40x40-changingroom1  changing room – It shows places  where there is a bathroom with a table for changing diapers


40x40-babypitstop1 (1)  babypitstop – It shows the spaces that  allow breastfeeding in peace

per blog icona hotel
kid hotel -it indicates hotel, bed&breakfast, campings, etc. that have specific services for children

40x40-babychair1  baby chair – it shows public exercises, mainly bars and restaurants that have high chairs for the little ones

40x40-kidmenu1 kid menu – It shows restaurants that have a special menu for children

40x40-playground1 playground – it shows outdoor playgrounds

40x40-indoorplayground1 playroom –  it shows indoor playgrounds

40x40-kidmuseum1  kid museum – it shows museums or exhibitions  suitable for children

kid attraction no marker

Kid attraction – it shows amusement parks

40x40-kidlibray1  kid library – It shows public libraries that have a section dedicated to children

40x40-kidshop1  kid shop – it shows  toy stores, clothes stors , but also libraries, sport stores  etc. specialized, or with a wide range of products for children


40x40-babymApp-promo1  babymApp Promo special category -It shows shops,indoor playgrounds, restaurants etc. that  offer a special promotion or discount/ coupon to the  babymApp users

how to find a point of interest

how to find a point of interest
To search for a point of interest you don’t have be registered. Just go on from PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Normally your browser detects your position


If it does not happen , or if you are moving on the map, you can always return to your position clicking on the sidebar button





Once located, to search for nearby places, just click MENU. It opens the search box where you can deselect / select all gategories checking the boxes “unchek all / check all.”







If you want to look for points of interest in another city / address / country, just type the address or city in the SEARCH box and press the magnifying glass to start the search.

search box



Tip: when you find the city / address / country, for a better navigation you can close the menu by clicking the menu arrow (it closes all elements) or the search box arrow (it closes only the search box)

frecce aperte









Tip: when you find the city / address / country, for a better navigation you can close the menu by clicking the menu arrow (it closes all elements) or the search box arrow (it closes only the search box)


menu and search box can also be moved to another position of the app, with the mouse (or with your fingers if you are surfing from mobile).


how to register

how to register
To add a new baby friendly point, a comment, or a photo you have to be registered. To register press on the  red icon near the menu

omino rosso



The login window will open. If you are not yet registered, click register. For registered users it is possible to access the web app or request a new password by email

registrazione2 Screenshot

In the next window you have to create and enter a username and an email where you will receive your password. Note: The username is not needeed to access, but it is the name which will appear under your new entries, comments, photos. Select your country, accept the terms and conditions  and press the button register.

registrazion form icona

If the registration is successful, you will see a message that invites you to take vision of the email we have sent.


You will receive, in fact, an email summary with username, email login and password. Check r junk e-mail if you do not receive the email.

With email login and password return to the site and log in.

Tip: at the first login tick  ‘remember me’ to be remembered when accessing the app.

You can also ask for the password again, clicking on ‘remind password’.

remeber me

When you are logged the icon, previously red, becomes green

omnio verde

how to insert a new point of interest

how to insert a new point of interest

To insert a new point of interest you must be registered


Follow the above steps to register.


If you are already in the place (exact address) where the point of interest is  (eg. In a restaurant baby friendly), the crosshair is already on the correct position. Proceed with ADD A NEW LOCATION.


If you want to add a point of interest which is located in another city or location, get the exact address of the point using the SEARCH BOX. So, once the pointer is on the correct address, press the button ADD A NEW LOCATION


From the drop-down menu, select the category of the place you want to insert, for example. kid menu, baby chair, etc. (the category babymApp promo can not be inserted)

select category






Write in the field ‘title’ the name of the point of interest and press ‘add location’. After entering a point of interest, you can reopen it and add a comment (see. ‘How to insert a comment’), photo or a rating with  buttons   thumbs -up/down (like / do not like)

add location

how to insert a comment

how to insert a comment
To post a comment, you need to be registered (see above).

To add a comment click on add a comment

add comment




Comments must be less than 500 characters;

you can insert a link to a web page;

The comments will appear immediately to the user who posted them, but  they must be approved by the administrator before they become  visible to all other users. Offensive comments or comments with links that do not comply (advertising, offensive sites etc.) will not be approved.

how to plan an itinerary

how to plan an itinerary

Plan an itinerary  is an added value of the App, which allows any user with achildren about to leave for a trip, to save a memo of  all the baby friendly places he wants to visit.

To plan an itinerary  you need to be registered.

To create your own list is very simple: click on points of interest and press the button ‘add to list’.

add to list

All points will appear in the list that can be printed and emailed.

view your list




lista aperta








Pressing the clear button you will clean the list

how to add a photo

how to add a photo

To add one or more photos click on the button Add photo

add photo








choose a file from your PC or smartphone


scegli file





after the photo is loaded, press the add button

foto aggiunta







if the process is successful, after a while, a confirmation message appears

photo saved





like  the comments also the pictures must be approved to be visible to other users but are already visible to the user who inserted them, by pressing the view photo button

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